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The Secrets of 24 Craft Brewers; Mistakes you must avoid

MicroBrewr’s new 52-page ebook will help your brewery succeed.

Learn from experts in craft beer.

  • Do you want to start a brewery, but don’t know the first step?
  • Do you have a passion for craft beer, but don’t know how to translate that to a business?
  • Are you excited about the possibilities of the craft beer industry, but feel helpless about owning your own business?

You are not alone. I feel these things, too.

I want to start a brewery, but I’m kind of lost in a lot of ways. I was writing the business plan for the brewery of my dreams. My partners and I decided that we were each trying to do something different so we parted ways. I was left realizing that I’m not really qualified to start a brewery.

So I took a step back and made a few calls to try and figure it out.

MicroBrewr Podcast has given me access to so many successful brewers, brewery owners, and others in the craft beer industry. I am honored that they share their experiences with us.

Don’t struggle on your own, learn from the experience of others.

The U.S. now has more than 3,000 breweries. There’s no sense in making all the same mistakes everyone else has already made. Why not learn from people who have already done it.

The Secrets of 24 Craft Brewers; Mistakes you must avoid

The Secrets of 24 Craft Brewers; Mistakes you must avoid by MicroBrewr

This ebook is the perfect opportunity to learn from people who started their brewery and are following their dream.

The Secrets of 24 Craft Brewers; Mistakes you must avoid contains 52 pages of transcripts from MicroBrewr Podcast as guests answer the most important question:

What’s the biggest mistake you ever made for your brewery?

Take advantage of the expert advice from experienced brewers and brewery owners. Don’t make the same mistakes they did.

That’s what I really like about MicroBrewr Podcast: We get to learn from others who have already started their own successful breweries. Now this book takes the most important part–their biggest mistakes–and puts them all into one place to review and to keep as an easy reference.

When you buy this book, you also get bonus materials.

In this book, the same people answer:

What’s the best idea you ever had for your brewery?

Take advantage of the knowledge from people who have been successful at their dream.

Don’t wait any longer to open the brewery you dream of. Keep preparing, while you start to take action. Don’t put off your dreams for another year.

What’s holding you back from opening your own brewery? Download this book and start learning from others now.

The Secrets of 24 Craft Brewers; Mistakes you must avoid by MicroBrewr

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Tyson Starling(MicroBrewr Podcast 009)

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