The best craft beer podcasts

Looking for a good craft beer podcast? I love podcasts because I can play them when I want. I subscribe on my smartphone and listen anywhere. Knowledge is key to starting a brewery—drink up! Here are the top 10 craft beer podcasts in iTunes this month.

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First a disclaimer

It’s complex. The iTunes algorithms are on pretty tight lockdown in Apple’s famed vault of secrecy. Even the biggest talent in the podcast industry doesn’t know how it works.

Sure iTunes has categories, and rankings within categories. A vague little “popularity” scale displays beside individual episodes. Yet even in Podcaster’s Paradise—the largest online community of podcasters, where over 1,400 current and future podcasters collaborate and share ideas—there is much confusion about how a show gets into “new & noteworthy” or makes top rankings. It does seem like downloads and reviews help rankings.

iTunes is the place for podcasts

If you’re looking for a good craft beer podcast, iTunes is a great place to start. Apple is the leader in podcasts. In 2013, iTunes had over a billion subscriptions for the 250,000 podcasts in iTunes.

I was wondering how to find a good podcast, not just about beer, but about brewers, about breweries, about the business side of craft beer—the craft beer industry.

It seems like beer podcasts are about homebrewing, beer reviews, or just nothing at all. I wanted to hear about the craft beer industry, how to start a brewery, or at least just hear from the people who make the liquid we all love!

It’s a tight niche, but I had to start somewhere. The best search seems to be “craft beer podcasts.” This list of best craft beer podcasts is based on a search in iTunes for “craft beer podcasts.”

The best craft beer podcasts in iTunes

The best craft beer podcasts as of October 13, 2020.

The best craft beer podcasts as of October 13, 2020.

Results change constantly

iTunes search results fluctuate constantly.

Here are the best craft beer podcasts on: October 13, 2020:

  1. Craft Beer Radio Podcast by Craft Beer Radio.
  2. Craft Beer Showdown by The Craft Beer Academy.
  3. Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast by Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine.
  4. Craft Beer Radio Podcast Extras by Craft Beer Radio.
  5. The Business of Craft Beer by University of Vermont.
  6. The Beer Flow by Greg M.
  7. Cheers Charlotte Radio by Ford Craven, Jay Brown and Cesar Leyva.
  8. Beer Night in San Diego by Three B Zine Podcast.
  9. Fresh Hop Cinema by Max Minardi and Jonny Summers.
  10. hopnology: Hop Growing and Brewing for Craft Beer by hop·nólogy.
  1. MicroBrewr Podcast by Nathan Pierce.

Archive: Click here for past search results.

What’s your favorite craft beer podcast?

Popularity doesn’t always correlate to quality. It’s subjective. You like what you like. Even among craft beer podcasts, there is a variety out there. They run a gamut of topics and styles. Listen to the podcasts that you enjoy.

So what are you listening to? What is your favorite craft beer podcast? How do you find your favorite new podcast about craft beer or about starting a brewery? Let’s talk in the comments section below.

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27 replies
  1. Harold Giménez
    Harold Giménez says:

    Thought I’d chime in here with my favs.

    For the craft beer industry and culture, I can’t recommend Good Beer Hunting enough. The stories, commentary, and production are amazing. I’m really enjoying this podcast.

    For brewing technical stuff, the BeerSmith podcast is sorta hit or miss, but where there’s a hit, it really is invaluable. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to the water episodes, in particular the ones with John Palmer, but it’s in the range of a couple dozen times!

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    My two favorites are Four Brewers, four guys put of California who talk about home brewing, reviews, blind tastings etc. Very funny. The other one is the Craft Beer Temple Insiders Podcast out Chicago. It is hosted by a guy who owns a beer store in the city and has guests from inside the industry. It is a cool look into what people who make/sell/distribute beer think agbout it.

  3. Josh Mauldin
    Josh Mauldin says:

    A relatively new podcast is For the Craft (previously known as Historically Speaking) it is by far my favorite. It deals primarily with local Arizona beer culture but they are really great at sharing the history and distinctiveness of the styles they are tasting.

  4. Mikey
    Mikey says:

    Thanks for this post, Nathan. It sucks that Craft Beer Academy stays up there when they haven’t posted in forever.

    I’ve listened to Microbrewr for a while, enjoy the show.

    -Mikey from The Perfect Pour craft beer podcast.

  5. D.A
    D.A says:

    I really like the works that are being described in the podcast Brewnology. It’s on iTunes and many other mediums too. It’s a BJCP centric, learning how to judge beer, how to evaluate beer podcast. And well done, once you get through the first few episodes (I think they were just learning). They have gotten much better throughout.

  6. JTraut
    JTraut says:

    Thanks for the great info Nathan. I’ve only been a massive fan of podcasts in last few months. May have caught this one a bit late, but I can’t go wrong listening on my travels. Are these weekly podcasts? Thanks again

    • Nathan Pierce
      Nathan Pierce says:

      MicroBrewr is no longer weekly. With more than 90 episodes of MicroBrewr, I’ve lately been spending more time on another project. But I’ll release more episodes in the future.

  7. Ryan Maack
    Ryan Maack says:

    Our podcast, Brews, Booze, & Reviews started in 2019, and we have over 130 episodes out with a new one dropping every Tuesday at 7:00 am CST. Check us out!


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