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This is the original About Page, by the founder of MicroBrewr. Read the current About Page for newer information.

About MicroBrewr

Hi, I’m Joe. I like to drink beer (a lot).  I figured I’d start MicroBrewr as an excuse to drink it often and work with cool people who love beer like me.  I’ve been amazed at how this industry continues to grow and the support that new breweries get from their communities.  For those home brewers out there who are thinking of making the jump to start selling their beer, the number of steps to start a business can be daunting.  For those already running a craft brewery, making your beer stand out from the 2700+ craft breweries and managing growth can be huge challenges.  I’ve started MicroBrewr to help guide those looking to start a brewery and help those who have already started to grow and succeed.

More About Joe

joeshelerudprofileOutside of my passion for craft beer and this amazing community that’s been brewing, I am a lucky man to have a beautiful wife, a yellow lab named Stella and am a soon-to-be dad (which I cannot wait for!).  My wife and I grew up together in Northern Minnesota and recently moved to Kansas.  While my background in chemical engineering and masters in business fit in really well with the craft brewing industry, I think that I’m drawn to craft beer due to the amazing community of people that make it up!  After spending as much time as I can with my family, I keep busy in my small music studio playing guitar, drum set and bass.  My wife and I also love to travel to see all that this beautiful planet has to offer while tasting new beers throughout the world.

Your New Host: Nathan Pierce

Photograph of Nathan Pierce touring Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, California, July 9, 2013.

My name is Nathan Pierce. You might remember me from episode 005. I’m planning to start a brewery close to my home, near Monterey, California. I’ve hit some speed bumps in that process, so it’s becoming more of a longer term goal. Check out the blog for more details on that project, and stay tuned to the podcast where I’ll give occasional updates along the way to starting my own brewery!

Anyway, when I heard Joe say on MicroBrewr podcast episode 012, that it would be the last episode, I had to give him a call. I know he made the right decision for himself. Yet I couldn’t keep from being disappointed at losing this great resource. I also thought of the community that is building around MicroBrewr. So I asked Joe whether he’d be willing to let me carry the torch. I am so excited that he agreed to let me take on his baby.

MicroBrewr is the best beer podcast I’ve found, and it has so much potential. I want to carry on right where Joe left off and I’m so glad that you’re joining me on this journey.

This website and the podcast are all about brewers and beer fans helping each other out. So if you have any questions or comments, please contact me any time. I’m also on Untappd app: NathanPierce


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