MicroBrewr 050: Have passion and be persistent, with Craft Conscious.

MicroBrewr 050: Have passion and be persistent

Drew Dillman from Craft Conscious, in Cincinnati, Ohio, interviews all sectors of the craft beer industry. Rather than beer tastings or reviews, he pulls back the curtain on the business of beer.

Nearly 100 audio interviews are in iTunes and many more full video interviews are on the website.

“It’s something new every single time,” says Drew. “Ninety-four different breweries so far, and each one I keep thinking to myself, ‘I’m going to run into the same content over and over again.’ But I never really do.”

Craft Conscious interviews craft beer’s top experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators. In addition to breweries, they interview retail outlets, distributors, and media companies.

“What I’ve really found as a consistent thematic thread is to have passion and to be persistent with that and you’ll be able to turn that passion into profit.”

“I can’t stop liking beer.” [Tweet This]


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6 replies
  1. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    I’ll be honest, this podcast was a little disapointing. The title was “Have passion and be persistent”. which leads one to believe it will be stories / interviews with those involved in the brewing world on what drives them, what gives them the passion they have and what struggles have they overcome ie. persistence.

    This podcast didn’t discuss anything related to passion or persistence. Drew states a lot of the obvious and for some reason goes off on about star wars?!? Feels like Drew high-jacked the session and talks about nothing in particular a lot of the time. Just saying – I love your podcast but this one didn’t hit the mark for me unfortunately. Did I miss something? I’m not sure if I’ve completely misunderstood. I feel like either I’ve missed the mark or Drew has.

    Any chance we can get a podcast focussed on brewing entrepreneurs and the struggles they’ve overcome and what drives them, what gives them the passion to wake up everyday.

    Thanks Nathan

    Keep up the good work.


    • Nathan Pierce
      Nathan Pierce says:

      Ryan, thanks for your honest feedback. I really appreciate it. I can tell that you put some thought into your comments here.

      This episode is part of a series about podcasting for breweries. If you didn’t like this episode, you might not like the next one either. Next week will be an interview with the host of top-ranking podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire. I talked with John Lee Dumas about podcasting in general and how it can be applied to a brick-and-mortar business, like a new brewery. The week after that will be Short’s Brewing in Bellaire, Michigan, which has been producing a really good podcast called Short’s Cast for about a year.

      I recognize this might feel off-topic, I was kind of worried about that when I planned this series. Podcasting is totally exploding right now. Of course you know I’m into podcasting (I produce MicroBrewr Podcast), but more and more real-world businesses (as opposed to online businesses) are using podcasting as a marketing tool or to just share their story.

      The title of this episode was derived from Drew’s statement that he saw a common theme across his interviews, that passion and persistence pays off. At the time this interview was recorded, Craft Conscious had over 100 interviews with breweries across the nation. So I wanted to speak with Drew about what he’s learned from those interviews.

      I hope that brings some clarity to this episode. I guess I could have been more clear about the context when I recored the intro to this episode. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate you.

  2. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Thanks Nathan

    That makes more sense. I’ll continue listening to the podcasts to come. I know there is a lot of valuable content in them. I actually re-listened (if that is a word) to a couple of much older podcasts 005 and 007 which spoke to the passion, persistence and hard work (+ a little luck).

    Appreciate your feedback and please continue serving the brewing community with your knowledgeable podcasts. I know I for one appreciate them.


  3. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Absolutely! That’s what makes the industry so special. I can’t think of many industries that mix passion and creativity with process and analytics.

    Not to mention how craft brewers help each other out and collaborate. It goes against the laws of capitalist competition yet the industry flourishes because of it.

    I love it!



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