Top Four Tips For Using Social Media To Promote Your Brewery

Social Media and The Conversion of a Non-Believer Over the last few years, I’ve talked about deleting my Facebook account.  People would get mad at me since they’d send me a Facebook message and I wouldn’t get back to them for three months because I wouldn’t ever check my notifications.   After I found my beautiful […]

The 12 Questions You Need To Ask to Plan Your Brewery

After I got a number of questions around how to get information about the money side of starting a brewery and doing the financial section of a business plan, I hope that this step-by-step guide can help out the aspiring brewer.  Truth be told, you can use the same process for a number of different […]

Branding and Transforming Your Beer into Art

Branding and Transforming Your Beer Into Art

Logo above designed by DeRouen & Co.  While we all hope that our beer is good enough to sell itself, there’s a ton of great beer out there.  If no one every tries your beer for the first time, no one will know how great it is.  This is where branding, labeling and packaging can […]

How Small Craft Brewers Continue to Dominate the Corporate Giants

It’s a beautiful thing that we’ve been seeing over the last few years.  More and more craft breweries are opening their doors throughout America (and actually a number of other countries) providing thirsty customers with a number of new choices.  While total US beer sales are about flat, the craft brewing industry continues to see […]

61 Brewers Speak Out: What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Brewery

So remember that first time when you said, “I think I want to start a brewery”!  After all of those experiences of getting the brewery up and running, if you could travel back in time and tell yourself some advice, what would it be?  At MicroBrewer, we wanted to know and thought that you might […]

Do Your Fans Love You Enough To Get a Tattoo of Your Brewery? Creative Ways To Promote Your Brewery For Free!

As of the time of this publishing, there are over 2700 different craft breweries in operation and another 1700 in planning.  With all of these craft breweries out there, how do you make your brewery stand out?  Even if your beer is freaking awesome, there’s a lot of other freaking awesome beers out there too. […]